What is the Cost to Attend LSSM?

Below you will find the costs for one school year at Life School of Supernatural Ministry, for both an Individual and a Family of two.  

We encourage families to participate in this journey together.

Discounted price for family members makes it easier and more affordable to bring your wife or husband, and/or adult children. 

Contact us with questions.



Application Fee $50

Tuition $800   


Family (2 people)

Application Fee $100

Tuition $1200


*Books are purchased separately                                                                               

Payment Plans

-Our tuition payment plan has three options: PAYMENTS OF 6, 8 or 9 months.  IF PAID in FULL: Discount applies.

-Payments must begin in Sept. and be completed by June at the latest.

-Payments are made by debit/credit card automatic withdrawal.   

-If any scholarship or work study discount is received, it is deducted from the TUITION amount only.

-A discount of 5% will be applied to any student’s tuition if paid in full by Sept. 30th. 

What a Student Needs To Do Before School Starts:

1~Fill out an application.

You will receive a text and email from us when we receive your application. The email will have details of what comes next. 


2~Pay the application fee of $50 (checks payable to LSSM) If there is a discount going on, pay the adjusted amount.

             -Does NOT include assigned reading material.  Student purchases books separately.

3~Complete a Financial Agreement Form with LSSM Staff

            -The Financial Agreement Form (which involves setting up a payment plan for the year) must be completed with LSSM staff prior to SEPTEMBER 15TH.
            -Financial agreement can be completed during office hours, in person or over the phone. 

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