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Thank you for your interest in Life School of Supernatural Ministry!  

We are currently accepting applications for 2018-19!

1st & 2nd year application options are listed below. Fill out your app online, or download

it, print it out, and return it to us by dropping it off or mailing it.    


Our 1st night of class is Sept 18th, 2018.

We are accepting applications until Sept 15th, as long as space is available.


 The Application Process: We will review your application, conduct a phone interview, and if admission is approved we will contact you for a financial meeting. After applying, you will receive a text and email from us with details about what happens next. 


 PLEASE NOTE: ( The 1st Year program and/or 2nd Year prograom must be successfully completed by student before being considered for enrollment in the next class-2nd or 3rd year )


 Feel free to contact us with additional questions.  We are thrilled to get to know you! 

Send it by Email:

Send it by Mail:    

P.O. Box 5350 
Salem, OR 97304

1st Year Application

2nd Year Application